Saturday, December 31, 2016

Victor Vicini No Longer Represented by Elliott Fouts Gallery

A few months back Elliott Fouts, the owner of the Elliott Fouts Gallery in Sacramento California, contacted me and said that my paintings are no longer selling at his Gallery. He said that he would no longer represent me. Elliott was the first Gallery owner who really believed in me and gave me the opportunity to show my work at his gallery and represent me. I was with Elliott for over 10 years and he has given my several one man shows and sold many paintings and prints. I cannot tell you how it felt to be told that this relationship will be coming to an end. He was prompt to mail me all my paintings and no longer had anything to do with my work. I realize times have changed. There are so many talented artist who are so much better than me that I guess I am not surprised. I always thought that Elliott would be there in my later years when I could devote more time to my art. I guess I was wrong. I have no hard feelings toward Elliott because he gave me 10 years when some Galleries would give me nothing. For that I am thank you. Elliott advertised my work, got me interviews, sold prints and sponsored one man shows for me. Man,I have a lot to be thankful for. Thank you Elliott!

This notice really put things in perspective for me. I have developed doubts about my skill set and feel that I need to learn more. I have decided that I will start drawing again to perfect me craft and not touch a paint brush until I have completed 100 drawings. I need to look at values and stay away from color until I can see things better. I need to strip away any distractions of color and look at texture and values and avoid the influence of color. I will post my drawings here and on facebook.

I still have several galleries that still carry my work, Mary Ann Doran Gallery, Miller Gallery and Skidmore Contemporary Art Gallery. They have been loyal to me for sometime now. These two Galleries are a class act with high quality artist.  I hope to provide them a better quality of work for years to come. Elliott brought to my attention the reality of the business of art and how you cannot sit back and think your skill will improve with time with no real hard work.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Drawing Day One, Two and Three: Vicini Art

Here are three drawings I recently completed. Three done 97 to go...

Graphite on Paper 4" x 6"

Graphite on Paper 3" x 4"

Graphite on Bristol 8" x 10"