Sunday, October 01, 2006

Contemporary Pop Art - Pumpkin Pie Time !

This still life painting illustrates a can of pumpkin pie mix and a chrome cheese and pie slicer. Since Halloween is around the corner, my wife was ready to make some pumpkin for my son is loves it. This painting is a continuing series of what I call my 'contemporary pop art realism' series. The series is designed to focus on modern day food produce and to depict them as an art form. Unlike the popart from the Warhol days, my art takes the ordinary and combines both popart and realism still life to create fine art realism. It is kind of a 'mix bag'. If you are into realism and contemporary art, than this will fit your taste. Thanks for viewing.

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Bonnie G Morrow said...

Beautifully done! Love the reflection. Just stunning!

Vic said...

Thanks Bonnie. I have another one that I will post tonight that is from the same series.

Thanks for your comments Bonnie.