Saturday, December 30, 2006

Trio Still Life Sweets Series !

This past week I decided for my new years resolution I was going to focus on a more relaxed and enjoyable series. I realize that many of my regulars probably won't be interested in this style but my focus at this point in my life is try to be diverse and challenge my creative processes. This series that I have started consist of some of my favorite subjects - food and sweets! I really find them fun to paint and very relaxing compared to the very tedious style of high realism. I am able to experiment with colors, technique and textures in this series. I use impasto, stippling, glazing and many other approaches to my paintings. These three little paintings can be displayed together or individually. The idea is to capture something as simple as a jelly donut and make it art. Some say no some say "pass the coffee". Please enjoy and your comments are appreciated.


ming said...

such a funny feeling to view an appetising image, and know you will never be able to eat it..

Vic said...

My guilt is in the sweets. I have another bunch coming - watch the sugar. Thank you for visiting.