Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Cracked Egg with Yolk Still Life III

In the last few months I've been playing around with a little different subject matter than what I normally paint. Those images of high reflective and chrome surfaces have given way to gloss and shine of food. I have not abandoned them but simply have given them a rest. In a way, there really isn't all that much difference to the normal viewer with this so-called change. But to me, it is dramatically different. I find the subject very free and enjoyable to paint.

The subject is almost abstract. I paint the subject with many layers and build the surface in heavy impasto texture in spots. In contrast to some of my tighter still life's, these little food bites have become my next challenge. They are not easy to paint but they are fun when they work. I can't tell you how many times my still life's have been trashed. Nothing is more disappointing that to spend hours and days at times and have a painting fail. Sometimes I wish I could see the subject more objectively and save myself a lot of work..oh well. Well, this little painting is one of my favorites. I really enjoy the various colors of white, green, yellow and orange in this little translucent painting. Please enjoy.

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