Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tag It ! My Turn !

I got tagged by Jelaine Faunce who is perhaps one of my favorite artist. I'm supposed to write 5 little known things about myself then tag 5 other artistst o do the same. Here it is. . .

  1. I have a technical degree in Electronic Engineering besides my Fine Art degree.
  2. I failed 1st grade because I couldn't speak English. My Parents are from San Marino, Italy and all I could speak was Italian. I also have dual citizenship.
  3. As a teenager I was held up at knife point working at a gas station. I gave the guy with the pony tail and mirrored sunglasses the money and I ran after him. I never got him nor did the police.
  4. While fixing up an old house I found $3,000.00 hidden inside an old kitchen cabinet. The money was enclosed in an old envelope over 50 years old. I thought about keeping it, but I chickened out and turned it over to the renters (it wasn't even their money) .
  5. After going to several garden walks over the past few years I have become a garden nut. I love to landscape and fuss with my lawn.
Here are the artist that I tagged:

Mick Mcginty
Jeff Hayes
Paul Hutchinson
Todd Bonita
Margaret Aycock

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