Monday, April 28, 2008

Tastee Freez!

Its that time of year when the weather finally warms up and its time for ice cream! I loved going to the local Tastee Freez or Dairy Queen as a kid. I still love to go. This painting is a study of a larger piece that I am thinking about painting.


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ArtGirl said...

Ohh I am so sad...I would have loved to bid on this, and it was gone...I was so excited when I thought I could afford it, and then I saw the auction ended....Well, in any case, I love it! And it reminds of old time soda fountains...My husband had never been to one, and I found it so sad that there actually people who don't know what one is like with the milkshake glasses that sit inside those little metal things with the handles, and the funny straw dispenser, and ice cream sodas! Anyway I LOVE your work....It's so happy....