Friday, January 30, 2009

NEW SERIES -4" x 4" : ICONS Coming Soon

A number of years ago I was greatly influenced by the work of Andrew Wyeth (who's death is a great loss) and Robert Vickrey. I experimented for several years with egg tempera and gold leaf. In addition, the early Religious paintings of the 13th and 14th century have always been one part of history that fascinated me. I enjoyed the gold leaf and the art of egg tempera with the use of cross hatching. Andrew Wyeth practice this technique as did Robert Vickrey (who I met at an opening in Michigan a number of years ago).

Having said that, I started a small series called 'ICONS' (small 4" x 4" on wood) that illustrate some of these fascinating and intriguing religious icons and figures. My paintings are not done in tempera but in oil. I use 23 k gold leaf with wood engraving. The subject is very different for me and I suspect that I will get some interesting feedback. The paintings are not intended to be religious (far from it). I know this is not my normal still life paintings but I plan on only doing a small number of series. I have provided the Elliott Fouts Gallery these paintings and they are available through his Gallery only for a limited time. If anyone is interested please feel free to contact me or the Elliott Fouts Gallery for additional information.


Avalon said...

Love your contemporary cropping of this 'set in time' subject. It really works.

Vic said...

I appreciate your feedback. Thank you.