Sunday, May 09, 2010

Fun House Painting!

This painting took me several weeks to complete. I had a blast doing this painting. So many colors so much fun.



Carol H. said...

I like the cropping you did for the composition, nice work! You didn't post what size it was? How did you get that bright green color?

Vic said...

Hi Carol. The painting is 5.5" x 12" on wood. The green is a mix of viridian, oxide of chromium (little), white and some cad yellow light. The major thing was the underpainting to lighten it up.

Thanks for visiting Carol.

K. Henderson Fine Art said...

You artists that put so much work into little tiny paintings are CRAZY! LOL

I love it!

Vic said...

I think it is starting to make me

I started a larger painting just to give myself a break from my insanity.