Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lantern Still Life Painting

This painting is available. If you are interested please email at

My wife and I went to an estate sale this past Summer. We found some really cool stuff. In the corner of the garage of this old house in a suburb outside of Detroit, I found this old lantern between some studs. The estate planner didn't even know it was available - I bought it for a few bucks. I thought it would make for a neat still life. The only problem was that when I bagged it up and put it make car, it leaked kerosene. It stunk up the whole car. Heavy price for a $2.00 lantern.


Alston said...

Hi Vic, I linked to your blog from Diane Hoeptners and I really like your work, and stories that go with your paintings.I appreciate your style and abilities.

Vic said...

Thank you Alston for your comments and for visiting.