Thursday, April 15, 2010

Glass with Strawberries and Grapes II

This painting was completed at the same time that that my other glass painting (prior posting) was completed. This painting is painted on panel as well.

I purchased some new panels from Blicks (great suggestion from two fantastic astist Jeliane and M Collier). I will give it a try on a smaller scale.

This painting is 12" x 12".

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T.Ford said...

This recent series you've been workin on w/ the refraction and distortion is awesome Vic! Keep up the good work! When I saw your post of the 20"x20" Pears painting, I meant to come back and leave a comment about that one...then a few weeks slipped by. Anyway, I'm really diggin this whole series!

Vic said...

Todd - I really appreciate your comments. It means a lot to me.

BTW - I saw you new work and I think it is fantastic! Hope sales are good.