Friday, July 18, 2014

Vic Vicin Feature in American Art Collectors Magazine: Show at the Elliott Fouts Gallery

I was really honored to have the opportunity to be interviewed and featured in the August edition of American Art Collector Magazine for my upcoming show at the Elliott Fouts Gallery. It was really a fun experience for me to ramble on and for the Editor to make sense of it all. I was pleased that images turned out really nice on print (I am always nervous about that). Thanks again for Michelle and Elliott for setting this interview up. I had a blast!


Alvin Richard said...

Congrats Vic on this impressive body of work....some of your very best paintings are among this exhibtion!

Vic said...

Thank you Alvin. I really appreciate that coming from you. I have always enjoyed your work and wish you the best as well. I hope to post some pictures from the show. I wish I could be there. Maybe next time.