Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ketchup Still Life - Wasp Sting Tale

This weekend I was happily painting my little still life (well this one is large compared to many other paintings -16" 20") when I decided to walk out on my deck for a break. It was a beautiful Friday. I was standing on my deck overlooking the woods behind my house when I saw a wasp buzzing around my arm. I decided to play it cool and not move. I thought, heck I'm always working in my yard and shade garden and have never been bothered by them. However, this time it was different. There I was, standing with hands on my hip with my apron on when all of a sudden BAM! I got stung in the arm. Son of a gun- he got me ! I was so mad. My wife mad same recipe using meat tenderizer that help. I decided to go back and paint and after several hours it seemed to be better. I went to bed that night and all was fine. The next day, I looked at my sting and it had a little pimple like head on the wound. I thought that I had got the stinger out the previous day. So, I decided to try to relieve the pressure on the would. SO I pop it. Mistake ! What I did was release the venom into my system and down my arm. No I have a red slightly puffy wound driving me nits. I really messed up. Oh well, that is my tale and what I had to go through to paint this still life. Being an artist is a hard life - stinger and all.

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This still life of a ketchup bottle (which I bought from ebay) and a salt shaker and creamer is a classic Diner / Kitchen style still life. I played with the reflections and highlights and created a sort of somber quiet scene. Hope you enjoy it.


Carolyn Hietala said...

Nice perspective... love it.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

You have a really distinctive style. Nice work.