Friday, July 20, 2007

Vintage Cat Creamer Still Life

This week I decided to take on something that is very different and very unusual. First I wrapped canvas around a 3/4" birch and gessoed all the sides. I wanted to play with the texture of the canvas but still maintain the hard surface of the wood underneath. This is the first time I have tried this and I am pleased with the results.


This painting subject is very different and perhaps a little odd from some of my loyal followers. This strange and yet compelling painting of a very retro/vintage cat creamer captivated me. I was drawn but the unusual design painted surface. However, what really caught my fancy where the fine little cracks in the surface of the paint. The very dark and strong shadowing makes this painting a real eye catcher. I must admit, the digital image really does not serve this painting justice - the details in the layering and lines can't be captured in this photo.


Watercolor Sunday said...

Hi Vic, this is indeed compelling. This fits right in with your nostalgic style. I always look for and enjoy your work. Born in 1955, I love the vintage work that takes me back to my childhood, especially your kitchen appliances.

Vic said...

I really appreciate your comments. I really enjoy those old retro appliances. I really had fun painting those old stoves from the 50's. Thank you again.