Thursday, January 18, 2007

Assortment of a Dozen Donuts !

Okay, I gave in. I surrendered and painted a large piece (large for me 16" x 20"). I received numerous request from people who really enjoy my donuts by the dozen painting and figured what the heck - do another. This painting encompasses some of the similar donuts on my smaller painting. The painting is as fun as it looks. The painting is painted in a loose and impressionistic style. I wanted to keep the imagery looking free and creamy.


I must say painting large does allow me to be more expressive with the brush strokes but it produces some diffuculties as well. Getting around the painting for me is sort of a paint. I have to keep moving the canvas in all directions to get to a particular spot on the canvas. Many times I paint on the canvas upside down. This allows me to get a different perspective of the artwork. I've included some detail shows below.

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