Thursday, January 11, 2007

Teapot Painting

This teapot displays an interior of a room from within the reflection. The painting is almost surreal with the perspective and high degree of realism.

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The past few weeks I've attempted to try a different surface for my paintings. My father who is a skilled carpenter cut me several 6" x 6" peices of 3/4" wood. The wood I choose is not your standard masonite (which I use frequently as do many artist) but poplar. Poplar is a very smooth white surface that I find nice to paint on. The idea is to paint the sides and avoid framing.

This particular painting of a teapot was inspired when my wife and I visited some antique shops in Michigan a few weeks ago. I spotted this teapot and thought it would make a great still life. This composition is very simple but the stark background and vivid reflection makes for a stunning peice.

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Tom Brown said...

I love your painting and I love the idea of painting it on a solid block of wood to hang it as-is. Well done!

Tom Brown