Sunday, January 14, 2007

Retro Toaster Painting Still Life

This very impressionist and lose style of a retro toaster is another painting from my toaster series. I have painted toasters for the last ten years and can't seem to get my fill. I've painted high realism toaster art and very impressionistic style such as this one. Sometimes I'm in the mood to be free and lose and sometimes I'm in the mood to be tight and highly realistic. Hope you enjoy.


Throughout my years of painting these retro 1950' - 60's images, I've always found that
toaster painting are perhaps the most interesting and most identifiable image of retro art. I've had toaster collectors, yes there are some, that have really enjoyed my paintings. The last 5 years my wife and I are always hunting garage sales, salvation army outlets and auction houses for some unique and interesting objects such as this toaster for my art. I hate to admit it, I have a collection of toasters that I can't even account for...I guess I will need a garage sale soon...


Johnnie Scoutten said...

Fun subject. These retro appliances were art pieces, in my eye. Fun doing chrome with the domed top where it sees just about everything in the room.

Vic said...

I agree Johnnie. It seems everything retro is a perfect subject for painting. Thanks for visiting.