Monday, January 15, 2007

Retro Cake Mixer Painting

This painting on wood illustrates one of those objects that are totally retro. The color and the design is completely from the past. This pink cake mixer is one that many of us (old timers) who can remember our mother making cake and frosting for our birthday, holidays or just for fun. I've always been a sucker for cakes and sweets. I guess it reminds me of when we were young and free of responsibilities and inhibitions. I guess that sounds nostalgic, but that is what I am.


Large Scale vs Small Scale

In recent weeks since I started painting smaller on poplar, I've been hit with emails by people asking why I don't paint larger. I have to admit, that my small paintings really don't photograph well on the screen and really doesn't display the richness and intimacy that the painting portrays. My little paintings for me are perhaps the most personal. They are tiny little mementos of bits of memory on a small scale. I am often reminded of some of the old masters (Flemish) who paint in small scale but never lose the perspective of fantastic detail. I am no different that other struggling artist who try so hard to display a passionate image on canvas or panel. "I try to paint a jewel". Ever since I was in College and majoring in Print Making, I have loved to paint great detail. Now my work is more lose but not free of detail - detail in the brush stroke.
I will paint larger soon - perhaps very large - just for a change of pace. Oh well...enough of this - I felt like I had to explain this to myself and others.


suzanne cabrera said...

I love your small paintings...I also like the fact that you choose to paint objects that have meaning to you. I don't think you need to explain this decision to anyone!

It's exciting to read you majored in Print Making. I have only been able to take one class in this area, but I loved it. The process is long, but oh so rewarding.

Vic said...

Thank you Suzanne. I guess sometimes I need to convince myself of why I paint what I paint.. - lol - if that makes any sense.

I just love your sketches. I wish I had more time to sketch.

Watercolor Sunday said...

I love the pink mixer. I have the white one, a Sunbeam from 1951, and have been meaning to paint it.
It still works! Thanks, it's nice to know I am not alone in this nostalgia.

Anonymous said...

I had to come back to visit this one again. I painted my white one, and this inspired me. Thanks!